Service terms and conditions
1. Minimum services hours starting from 3 hours each time.
2. The company only provides services to the registered customer and has the right to reject any services for other than registered address.
3. The company and the company's home attendants have the right to reject any unreasonable or risk job requirements.
4. If the starting time was delayed due the company's attendant, the service hours will be kept as the original booking. However, If the late cause by customer, there is no compensation.
5. All the reservation service should be made before 48 hours.
6. Any cancellation or changes schedule must be made before 1 working day. If any changes less than 1 working day, there is HKD100 of administration fee.
7. If customer break the booking, the company has the right to charge the customer for the service fee (as same as original booking).
8. Any night services arrangement not later than 2200 hours.
9. On request by customer, the Company accept to hold the door keys for the customer to provide daily cleaning services. However, customer must purchase their own home insurance. If the door key is lost, the Company will compensate the customer and maximum is HKD200.
10. If typhoon no.8 (or above) or Black Rainstorm warning signal was hoisted, all the services will be cancelled without notice. If the signal is lower on the same day and before 13:00, all the services appointment will be remain unchanged.
11. Customers who failed to settle the pre-payment or any delayed payment, the Company has the right to suspend provision of any services.
12. Customers must provide the appropriate supporting tools and cleaning solution, such as: long handle, solid ladders and so on.
13. If have pets, must inform the Company. For safety purpose, all pets must be placed in safety place before commencing work.
14. All private belongings, customer must keep in safety place and lock. To avoid any misunderstanding, customer must check their belongings before the Company's attendant leaving. If there is any lost, customer should call police and notify the Company. We will certainly make every effort to assist the police investigation.
15. If any objects were damaged by the Company's attendant within services hours, the Company will compensate the customer and maximum is HKD200.
16. Customer cannot deal with the Company's attendant directly for making any service appointment or additional work.  Please call our customer service hotline at 2357 9998 for details.
17. Customer should provide updated information to the Company at anytime.
18. If the customer provides any false information, the Company has the right to refuse providing any services. And the special fees of HKD200 per hour will be charged to the customer (as same as the specified services hours).
19. The company has the right in reasonable circumstances, changing the terms and conditions for this service at anytime, the Company reserves all the right of final decision.
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