Basic Cleaning-House Cleaning
Scope of Service
Floor Cleaning vacuuming, mopping and sweeping
Carpet Cleaning vacuuming
Windows Cleaning indoor windows and frames, outdoor windows*
Kitchen Cleaning

surface of range hood (excluding taking apart range hood),
exhaust fans (including taking apart range hood), wall tiles, stoves/ gas hobs, refrigerators, sinks and cupboards

Bathroom Cleaning

toilets, bathtubs, sinks, shower stalls and tiles


furniture dusting, clothes washing up & ironing, replace bed sheets/pillowcases & filters for air-conditioner

Special Arrangement :
carpet washing up

with additional charges

* Auxiliary tools should be provided by clients, such as telescopic handles.
Cleaning tools: brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner buckets, ladders/chairs, window cleaning tools, towels, metal sponge, telescopic handles, marks and gloves etc.
Cleansers: SWIPE, CIF cream, cleanser, liquid bleach and Mr. Muscl cleanser etc.
Cleaning tools and cleanser as above mentioned can be bought on requested by clients.
The"Cleaning Buddies Co." have the right to refuse any dangerous job and possible risks and harm.
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